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Never Stop Becoming Yourself 

We never finish learning new things in the same way we never finish “becoming” ourselves. Through curiosity, ideation, and action, we can begin unlocking our potential. 

My love for PR and Advertising stems from a natural curiosity towards human behavior, and how as people, we're able to tell stories in innovative, exciting, and sometimes unpredictable ways. Every day is a new adventure, and in my current position as a Junior Community Manager at the PR firm, Edelman, I'm jumping into a variety of projects; from writing LinkedIn post copy to engaging with followers on social media, it feels like my role has no boundaries. Impactful stories challenge the status quo, break boundaries, and reach new audiences - this type of storytelling is why I have a passion for PR and Advertising. My time at USC Annenberg helped me build on this passion and pointed me toward my corporate communications position at Edelman. I'm excited to continue this journey of "becoming" as I progress in my career. 

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